Got a Sneaky Belief?

Everyday we walk around walk carrying our Sneaky Beliefs. Beliefs about ourselves, our role in the family, how much money we should earn, or what type of life we should be living.

These beliefs are super duper sneaky. They shadow us. Whispering quietly as we watch a soccer game, make dinner, or fix the toilet.

Psssd. Hey there Mama, you’re not supposed to make more money than your husband.

Psssd. Don’t bother trying to lose weight because it’s never going to happen.

Psssd. This guy doesn’t really love you because you don’t deserve it.

Sometimes these Sneaky Beliefs come from our culture, our society, or our parents.  

What lurking beliefs do you have about women? Being a parent? Having money? 


How do we squish the ones that aren’t helpful to us?

Ask yourself:

1)   Do I really believe this now, as an adult?

2)   How did this belief come into my life? Who planted it? When?

3)   What might my life have been like if I never carried this belief?  What choices might I’d have made differently?

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