Setting Micro Goals in 3 Magical Steps…

1) Make it so incredibly TINY, it’s too embarrassing NOT to do it! (Ex. Today I will complete ONE sit-up. You will likely end up doing a least a few more. Either way, this builds confidence and forces you to start moving in the right direction.)


2) Make sure it’s TIED to a larger goal that’s linked to your values and makes you a healthier, happier human. (Example, if I set a microgoal to boil one egg, but I despise cooking and find no value in it, then it’s not the right microgoal for me. But, if I’ve always wanted to learn to cook, yet never seem to find the time, then I’m on the right track.)


3) Do it at the right TIME. Do it before you check you Instagram, text your boyfriend, or eat breakfast. This way, you get it done before being bombarded with distractions AND you can reward yourself afterward with a muffin and a latte!

Setting micro-goals is an ingenious trick to get you moving swiftly in the direction of your dreams! When faced with a daunting (macro) goal, many of us lack the confidence to begin, the persistence to continue, and the self-control to keep distractions at bay. Micro-goals provide the ideal brain hack for conquering all three of these issues.

Go For It!


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