Stretch Marks is a self-help book designed for women

who’ve lost sight of their own needs, interests, and dreams.

Trueblood offers tools and tricks that’ll allow women to uncover what they truly want and squash their anxiety and guilt. 
She mixes ridiculous personal stories with hard scientific data to show women not only do they deserve to be happy, but their families, careers, and the planet will benefit as well.
Calm, peace, and fulfillment often feel like an unreachable dream. Many of us believe it’s impossible, don’t know how to make it happen, or question if we truly deserve it.
Through personal stories, authentic empathy, and a fierce confidence in your abilities, Trueblood shares realistic advice and specific tricks you can easily implement into your everyday life.

True HAPPINESS surfaces from WITHIN

when you align your time, energy, and resources

with what is most important to YOU!

Stretch Marks is a profoundly honest

and brilliantly written guide.

Angela Savoy, Artist and Mother

This book is an uplifting, feel-good, empowering, eye-opening read.

Elysia Jordan, Actor and Godmother

Thoughtful, readable, practical. I loved it!

– Jennifer Ellis, PhD, Epidemiologist and Mother

Every mother will love this book. And probably some Dads as well!

Julie Hawksworth, CEO Micro Kickboard and Mother

I loved it. It has a lot of great tips that are easy to put into practice.”

Matthew Vlahakis, Math Specialist, Actor, and Father

I had this inkling of wanting to change my lifestyle for some time and Amber really inspired me to figure out to do it.

Priscilla Sommer, CFO The Grand Bevy and Mother

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