Hey mama! I’m Amber Trueblood. Yeah, it’s my real name. I’m a control-freak bibliophile who loves hip-hop, traveling, and Moscow mules. I have four sons and a photographer husband who prances and happily documents all our chaotic adventures.

I’m the only-child of a single mom and grew up in a neighborhood filled with big, loud, loving Latino families. As an adult, I longed to recreate that chaos. I loved it so much.

Good News: I succeeded.

Bad News: I succeeded.

My parents met as psych students in college and, aside from a very brief desire to be a veterinarian, I’ve always wanted to be a psychologist. I’m fascinated by human behavior, the mind, why we make the choices we make in our lives.

I loved working but had an excruciating time figuring out how to have the big family of my dreams, while still exploring my own interests and passions. Like so many women, my spirit was drowning in the challenges of day to day survival while trying to meet the needs of household and family.

The guilt and anxiety associated with the idea of somehow spending more time and energy on myself was beyond daunting. Through a lot of trial and error, therapy, and a healthy dose of meditation, I finally learned what worked for me.

I began reading everything I could get my hands on about parenting, neuroscience, and self-improvement. After spending 5 years in night-school for my MBA, three more years for my Masters in Clinical Psychology, 3000 hours for my therapy license, and 10 years raising my boys… Stretch Marks was born. I have real stretch marks too but, I’m referring to my book.

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