We’re now two weeks into our 28-week, out-schooling, US-touring adventure! Yes, ALL six of us (photog-husband is behind the camera in most pics).

Every time we enter a new city, it’s an immediate scramble to find the nearest healthy market, where we proceed to spend an embarrassing amount of $$ on eggs and quinoa, veggies, chicken and wine. Then we’re off to get a temporary library card and lug piles of books to our new “home”.

Next it’s either Guitar Center or a skatepark, depending on the weather.  Got to get some energy out of these boys! Yep, we’ve packed up 6 scooters, 5 skateboards, 4 helmets and many many sets of pads.

It’s like living in a frat-house… giant pillow forts in the living room, 10pm wrestling matches, pee just sitting there in the toilet begging to be flushed away, and lots of poop and toot jokes (now referred to as palindrome humor). It’s insanity. But I secretly love it and wouldn’t exchange it for the world.








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