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Dream of more time, peace, or excitement in your life?

Wonder what it might feel like to release all that guilt and anxiety?

Feel racked with self-judgement or self-doubt?

Get Stretch Marks!

This is great! I totally want to read more and follow Amber’s program.
– Tara Stern, Producer and Mother
I LOVE THIS!!!!...I want to read more!
– Eve Stewart, Attorney and Mother
Amber brilliantly and transparently walks you through her life as a mother of four and how she balances life on the road with love and gratitude. This is a must read for anyone looking to be happy in the mess of life and more purposeful in their relationships…especially the one with yourself.
– Jeri Moran, Business Owner and Mother
Totally engages the reader right from the start!!
– Gisa Nico, Director at Butterfly Garden Preschool and Mother
I have had this inkling of wanting to change my lifestyle for some time and Amber really inspired me to figure out how I can do that. I think this book is one the world could use.
– Priscilla Sommer, CFO The Grand Bevy and Mother
I really LOVE the idea that pursuing your happiness is fruitful for all… and that it includes the happiness of your family. Because the planet is crawling with little people who, if we raise right, will inhabit the earth and make it happier for everyone. Happiness begets happiness. I love it!!!!!
– Jewels Washington, Philanthropist and Mother
I loved it. It has a lot of great tips that are most importantly easy to put into practice without a lot of time and stress.
– Matthew Vlahakis, Math Specialist, Actor, and Father
Every mother will love this book. And probably some Dads as well. I have been reading it with a big smile on my face, love her journey and insights. Entertaining and helpful, love her open approach. I honestly couldn’t stop reading it!
– Julie Hawksworth, CEO Micro Kickboard and Mother
Stretch Marks is a profoundly honest and brilliantly written guide for parents that will make you want to hug it tightly in your arms after reading and never, ever let go.
– Angela Savoy, Artist and Mother
This book is an uplifting, feel-good, empowering, eye-opening read. Amber writes with her creative spirit and sense of humor in the driver’s seat. The methods she describes not only help us find precious momentum towards our dreams but are both straightforward and inspiring.
– Elysia Jordan, Actor and Godmother
Thoughtful, readable, practical. I loved it!
– Jennifer Ellis, Ph.D., Epidemiologist and Mother
This is fabulous!! I love the concept. I love the possibilities. If Stretch Marks can show me the way to happiness within myself, I’m coming along! And bringing the wine!!
– Layne Rosen, Entrepreneur and Mother
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